Back to the origin

At Nanni Jewelry we make jewellery with character, forged over a slow fire in our workshop in Lanzarote.
Our traditional way of doing things is a return to the origin, to a place where everything is done by hand, without haste, with care. Each piece is treated as a work of art, we take care of each process as if it were the only one. You could say that each piece carries a piece of our soul.

Sterling silver, 22 carat solid gold and natural gems in a daring design, full of textures, capable of transporting you to another era. Like Lanzarote itself, the island that inspires the design of our jewels and sees them being born.


Our philosophy

We are committed to a long-lasting, sustainable and artistic jewellery model

. We stand for sustainability through a transparent production model and responsible sourcing of raw materials. Care in the selection of raw materials, originality of design and quality of workmanship is what defines our work. The result is a unique piece, of great value and lasting over time.