Black opal and diamond
September 21, 2022
Opal and diamond
September 28, 2022

Black opal and diamond

2,600.00 + VAT


Australian black opal and diamond ring, sterling silver and 22k gold.

0.12 ct brilliant cut diamond, 3.6 mm in diameter. Sourced from controlled mines that comply with the Kimberly agreement.

Triplet opal of Australian origin with intense blue, green, red, orange, yellow, orange and violet tones in its interior.

Ring length: 23 mm at the front and 8 mm at the back.

European size 19 or 59; US 8 3/4. Can be adjusted to the size you need.

This design is inspired by our planet and its moon orbiting around it.

Natural, untreated and undyed gems.



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